Our passion is community art, social cohesion and wellbeing, with a focus on environmental messaging and recycling. Here are some of the projects we are currently working on- to see our past projects keep scrolling down.

Current Projects


Shepton on Show 2021

Date: October 15th 2021

Roll up, roll up! Join us for the Third Annual Shepton on Show! Come and enjoy surreal window performances in this showcase of the town's fine independent spirit!

Secret Gardens of Shepton Mallet

Date: 2020-present

This project aims to make use of neglected plots of land, transforming urban pockets into accessible secret gardens. Using waste materials generated by the local community we will be running workshops within the spaces to teach people new skills and support mental health and well being.

Wizard of Woz Festival

Date: June - December 2021

The exhibition is finally here! Loads of different art and installations, all Wizard Of Oz inspired. Inside the bank we have an environmental art exhibition, the Memory Board City, featuring work produced in collaboration between artists and the community and using PCBs from phones and other electronic waste. There's also a programme of live music, theatre, comedy and other events throughout the year.

LGBTQ+ Season

Date: From June 2021

Working in collaboration with our LGBTQ+ community in Shepton Mallet. We are running an LGBTQ+ season with different events. Watch out for theatre, music and interactive elements such as workshops and projects.

Community Days

Date: They are back every Wednesday 10-2.30

Every week we host this day at the Art Bank, incorporating a Talking Cafe (run by the Mendip Health Connectors) and free arts and crafts sessions. Everyone welcome

Past Projects



Date: September 2021

For one day only we turned the centre of Shepton Mallet into a boardgame- Sheptopoly! This year's theme was the rich history of the town. 30 performers and assistants, including actors and musicians, helped us bring the past alive.


Spirit & Spirit Garden at Wells Cathedral

Date: July - Sept 2021

In workshops at the Art Bank in July and August 50 members of the community created blooms out of plastic bottles. These were made in to a spirit garden that accompanied the 'Spirit' sculpture by artist Dimitris Koutroumpas, showcased in Wells Cathedral as part of Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) 2021.


There's No Place Like Home

Date: May 2020 - May 2021

This publication compiles creative writing and artwork produced by 20 members of the community in online Art Bank workshops during lockdowns.

Shepton Mallet Bird Trail

Date: Oct-Dec 2020

There are seven artworks created by local artists using primarily recycled or natural materials. Each artwork pays tribute to a species of bird we can all find in and around Shepton Mallet. A project in collaboration with the Town Council and Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Shepton On Show 2020

Date: 16th Oct 2020

An evening of theatrical fantasy on Shepton Mallet High Street, showcasing fine independent spirit, a collaboration between business owners, artists, performers, organisations and writers.

Window Wanderland

Date: 5 March 2020

Working in partnership with Make the Sunshine CIC, St Paul’s Primary School and Field House care home, we hosted Shepton Mallet’s first Window Wanderland, an event that transformed the town’s streets into magical outdoor galleries.

Festival of Death and Dying

Date: 1st-3rd November 2019

We were a fringe venue for the Festival of Death and Dying, hosting talks, workshops and live performances on the subject of death, in the hope of creating a death-friendly society.

Shepton on Show 2019

Date: 26 October 2019

Details: The Art Bank presents a unique and innovative event grown in Shepton Mallet, the evening gives local businesses and organisations, whether on or off the high street, an opportunity to market themselves in a fun, vibrant and theatrical way

Alice in Rubbishland

Date: March - August 2019

This modern re-telling of the classic story showcased an exhibition of environmental art, featuring work created in partnership between the community and local artists. Materials used included packaging cardboard, cuddly toys and books from charity shops and foraged materials from the fields and woods of Shepton.


Date: 14th - 30th Sept 2018

A 17-day arts festival that championed environmental art, produced from waste materials in collaboration with artists and the local community, and included live music, talks and exhibitions, along with an opening night that featured a performance by a string quartet and outdoors projections.