The Rubbish Art Project

The Beginning

The Rubbish Art Project is a Community Benefit Society (not for profit organisation). The aim of the project is to regenerate the town of Shepton Mallet, provide a nurturing hub and creative platform for the community. The building is a former HSBC bank on the high street. Since April 2018 we have been developing an inclusive space to support people's mental wellbeing. We have a range of workshops that take place in the bank and online. They are affordable and aimed at unlocking peoples creativity and supporting mental health and well being.

Our Mission

We believe that creativity is the key to better health and well being of a community. By providing an array of affordable workshops and courses our objective is to improve confidence levels , support well being and foster in inclusion in a fun and friendly way. We collaborate with local non for profit organisations to support their provision within the community, offering the creation and delivery of of bespoke courses for individual groups Some of the communities we work closely with include the LGBTQ, over 60's, carers, the isolated and disadvantaged. We work with our local GP services, Mendip Health Connectors, Heads Up, local primary and secondary schools and Make the Sunshine.


Working with

Local councils, communities and organisations we are working with to bring our projects to life.


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Creativity is Our Currency

The Rubbish Art Project, the Community Benefit Society at the Art Bank, has received funding from the following organisations: