Art Bank Online: 3-Week Portraiture Course

Join artist Millie Gleeson for this 3-week portraiture course through Art Bank Online.


You pay for all 3 sessions (£6 each + booking fee) run on the following dates:

1st, 8th, 15th December 7 – 8.30 pm


In this 3 week course, you will explore portraiture through creating a

variety of self-portraits. Focusing on proportions, contours, shading,

basic colour theory, mixing, application and blending of paint to

culminate in your very own stylised self-portrait. You will learn how to

communicate physical attributes in a realistic and dimensional way

whilst capturing emotions that truly reflect your inner artist.


Week 1: We will concentrate on facial proportions, the contours and

shapes that make up a face, mapping out our own face on paper and

developing shaing techniques. Using clay to construct shapes will help

to further develop the understanding of 3D face.


Week 2: As a drawing practice we will wear a blind fold to feel and draw

our own face, using other senses to capture the feel of the face. Now we

are ready to begin using colour; learning basic colour theory, mixing,

application and blending. From a photograph or mirror image, we will

begin the first layers of painting a self-portrait.


Week 3: Now we have the basic shapes and colours to make up the base of

our self-portrait, we will begin adding shading and detail to build on



The suggested materials:

A4 or A3 paper


Blind fold

Clay or plasticine


Photograph of yourself

Basic set of acrylic paint

A set of brushes

Small canvas (otherwise paper is fine)


The event image is from ‘Particles’ by Millie Glees

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