Create Your Own Individual Miniature Hot Air Balloon

Join Shepton-based designer bookbinder Hannah Brown for a morning of paper weaving to create your very own little individual three-dimensional hot air balloon! Each balloon is woven from laser-cut paper paper templates to make a small hanging ornament, great to give as a gift or to hang up at home. Hannah will guide you through the process of weaving the balloon pieces together and attaching the basket and finally a string will be added from which you can hang your balloon.

Hannah will bring along a selection of items with which to customise your balloon (beads, stickers, etc). But we encourage you to come with a small selection of items that appeal to you to make the balloon more personal. Please also bring a container or small box in which to safely transport your work home.

This workshop is the first in a series inspired by the forthcoming exhibition ‘The Wizard of Woz.’

This session will be held in the Art Bank. Please use the hand gel provided and wear a mask until you are sitting down.

We look forward to welcoming you!

You can see some of Hannah’s work here.

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