Jonny Fluffypunk: If We Just Keep Going, We Will Get There in the End

Acclaimed stand-up poet, storyteller and lo-fi theatremaker Jonny Fluffypunk is back with a brand spanking new show about searching for the hero inside yourself, without involving M-People.

The world’s gone nuts. You’ll have had your problems; Jonny’s had his. He also built himself a shed in lockdown, in which to work out how to get through it. This is the result. Inspired equally by idleness, ancient myths, and Grayson Perry’s Art Club, it’s part story, part on-theme poetic digression and part community support group.

It’s a show about celebrating the glory of small things; about love and strength and finding some sort of meaning. By turns funny, absurd, and touching, there’s a pilgrimage across London with a home-made effigy of a dead dog, the tragedy of throwing your childhood home into a skip, and an epiphany beside a derelict canal.

There are poems, bits with a ukulele, opportunities for supported sharing, and who knows what else? The world keeps throwing curveballs; the best-laid plans are thrown into chaos, and Jonny’s plans are rarely that. But that’s what this show is really all about- fragile humans, and the ways we have to find to cope with it all.

“Acute social observation, intricate humour, surreal fantasy, sharp irony and wit…and England’s most pretentious moustache.”

The Independent

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