Kokedama hanging basket workshop

Join Angela Morley on this 1.5 hour in-person workshop in the Art Bank where you will make a small mossy willow hanging basket.
Artist and garden and landscape designer Angela Morley will show you how to make a small, random, open weave, willow basket (max 18cm diameter) exploring the natural colours of different willows. This will be lined with moss and compost then planted with your chosen 9cm plant. The focus will be on the joy of using natural materials and the technique will be inspired by a fusion of the ancient Japanese tradition of Kokedama and the traditional British hanging basket.
The workshop will take place in the Art Bank itself. We will adhere to all covid guidelines and ensure the space is safe. Please bring a facemask with you- this will need to be worn until you are sat down. The cafe will not be open so you will be able to bring your own lunch or drink with you on this occasion.
What to bring:
-One or two small plants in 9cm pots (no larger), for example fern, houseplant or alpine plant
-Thin gardening gloves
-Face covering
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