Live: Samantics

Samantics is a one man machine of honesty, energy, words and noise. Using lyrics to portray his own unique vision of the world we’re all wandering, he speaks and shrieks from the centre of his erratic heart. Using a trolley full of sounds, including ukulele, bass, beats, piano, harmonies, blips and bloops and more, all brought together with loop station and sampler to create a hot pot of powerful, noisy poetry. It’s not quite hip-hop, but it’s not quite not.

Samantics grew up listening to punk bands practice in his dads living room, giving him the opportunity to experience the thrill and uppercut of live music while he sat and did his homework. However, being a more reserved, and tirelessly shy young lad back then, his passion really began with words, words he’d keep to himself in his pad, words, and poet-ry, that helped explain what he couldn’t always say. It wasn’t until years later that he discovered these words could be lyrics, and these lyrics could be life saving.

Challenging himself to stand up on a stage, and say all these things he’d been hiding was no easy feat, but from the second he did, everything changed when he discovered performing. From slam poetry to the eventual one-man wall of noise he’s become today, a Samantics live show is almost indescribable. Performing the same words and melodies you will find across his four self-recorded, produced and mastered albums, but somehow turning them up way past 11. Imagine a ferret after 9 shots of espresso, with a ukulele, on speed.

He’s been described as ‘impossible to stop watching’ and ‘mesmerising’ when he’s performing. Whether a festival tent filled with thousands, or a man and his dog in the local boozer, the live show is always the same: off. the. chain

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