Slogans to Save The World

Suitable for all ages, kids and adults!

Think of your own slogan to save the world! Create a poster based around your words, using bright colours and whatever materials or media you want. Think of it as your very own campaign, and join us!

“Activism works. Together we can tell people in power how we want to live, and what must change.” (Emma Thompson)

One of the fundamental missions of the Rubbish Art Project has always been to help people reconsider the choices they can make in order to live in a more environmentally-friendly way. Since the first Sheptopoly, in September 2021, we have been encouraging people to create their own protest placards, writing an environmental message alongside a design. With our project ‘Slogans to Save the World’ we ask you to think about what really matters to you- are there things in nature you are scared to lose, for instance, or is there something you wish could change about the way things are done in the modern world?

But can slogans really save the world? We think they can! Words can foster changes of attitude and encourage new actions and perspectives. Information and education helps to ensure that things do not have to stay as they are.

The ultimate aim of the project is to choose the best slogans and designs and recreate them with materials destined for landfill on billboards!

There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in this fabulous project and make sure your voice is heard so keep an eye on our ‘what’s on’ pages.

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